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Eyeglass-Frame Care Tips You Should Know

Eyeglass lenses usually achieve perfect vision correction only when they are held at a given distance from your eyes. This, in addition to the role that stability plays as far as vision correction is concerned, makes eyeglass frames an important part of your eyeglasses. Making sure that they are in perfect condition is therefore a must if you want to avoid straining your eyes. And while paying regular visits to your eye-care professional in order to have them fixed is a reliable way of ensuring that they are problem free, an easier and cheaper option is to simply take proper care of them. Here are eyeglass-frame care tips that will come in handy in helping you do so.

Use both hands

When taking off and putting on your eyeglasses, it is important to ensure that you use both hands. This is because eyeglass frames tend to be delicate. Using one hand usually puts more pressure on one side of the frame, something that eventually causes misalignment. There is also the fact that using one hand puts more-than-normal strain on given sections of the frame—due to imbalanced distribution of pressure—something that may easily lead to twisting of the frames. This misalignment and twisting will not only affect your glasses' ability to correct your vision but also increase the rate at which the frames wear out. This may then call for a premature visit to a professional eye-care expert for adjustment or for frame replacement. All this can be avoided by simply using both hands when adjusting, putting on, and removing your eyeglasses.

Regularly check for loose screws

Over time, the screws that provide support to your eyeglass frames can get loose. They can therefore fall off, something that may then call for your having to spend money on replacements. The misalignment that arises as a result of having loose screws can also make it difficult to take off or put on your glasses. It may therefore increase the chances of your ending up with bent or broken frames.

Regularly checking your eyeglass frames for loose screws will help you to catch the problem before it compounds. This will give you the opportunity to tighten the screws before they fall off. The fact that you can solve this problem with a cheap eyeglass tool kit makes this a no-brainer, as it will save you not only from having to make premature replacements but also from the eyestrain associated with misaligned eyeglasses.