Is It Time To Visit An Eye Doctor?

Whether you're someone who has never been to the eye doctor or who already owns glasses or contacts, it's important to look out for your ocular health. You may be wondering, however, when it might be time to schedule a visit. Here are four situations where it's wise to talk with a professional about your eyes. Age-Related, Regardless of History Even if you seem to have perfect vision, an occasional visit is in order, and you can follow this schedule.

4 Dry Eyes Treatments Your Eye Doctor May Recommend

Are your eyes always dry and scratchy? Putting eye drops in, day in and day out is only a temporary solution and a way of putting a "band-aid" on the problem. If you want true and lasting relief, you are better off talking to your eye doctor about other treatment options. Some of the treatments they might recommend include the following. Glare-Reducing Eye Glasses A lot of cases of dry eye are due to the eye strain that comes with staring at a screen, day in and day out.

3 Little-Know Things An Optometrist Can Tell You During A Medical Eye Exam

There are a lot of good reasons to get a medical eye exam on a regular basis to protect your eyesight and the health of your eyes in general. However, an optometrist can see a lot of things that you cannot see when you look in the mirror or at your body when they peer deep into the biological makeup of the eye. In fact, there are some things your eye doctor can tell you that you may not expect they would be able to see.

3 Signs And Symptoms Indicating You May Have A Detached Retina

As you go about your daily routine, you may have noticed that you are experiencing problems with your eyesight which have come on suddenly. If so, look for the following signs that you may have a detached retina. Flashes of Light Appear out of Nowhere One symptom you may experience if you have a detached retinal nerve is the appearance of flashes of light. These flashes will seemingly come out of nowhere, even if you are in a dark room.

Concerned About Your Eye Health? Two Things You Can Do to Help Protect Your Vision

It's perfectly natural to be concerned about your vision. Eye health is incredibly important because your eyes give you the ability to see impending danger before it comes your way.  Although it may seem like there isn't much you can do to guard against the risk of developing an eye disorder, there are a few techniques that can go a long way toward safeguarding your eye health. Use this information to learn more about two things you can start doing today to keep your eyes in good condition.

Eyeglass-Frame Care Tips You Should Know

Eyeglass lenses usually achieve perfect vision correction only when they are held at a given distance from your eyes. This, in addition to the role that stability plays as far as vision correction is concerned, makes eyeglass frames an important part of your eyeglasses. Making sure that they are in perfect condition is therefore a must if you want to avoid straining your eyes. And while paying regular visits to your eye-care professional in order to have them fixed is a reliable way of ensuring that they are problem free, an easier and cheaper option is to simply take proper care of them.

Eyeglass Buying Guide For Hikers

For those with less than perfect perfect vision, glasses are a must even when they are hiking in the backcountry. Often, glasses are preferred over contacts because you don't need to worry about hygiene when putting them on or removing them. Although you can use your regular pair of glasses, it's a better idea to have a pair that is made to specifically meet the rigors of the trail. Frame options

3 Tips For The Best Eye Health

When you want to look after your eye health, there are a number of tips that you can follow. Some of these tips include following a lifestyle that bolsters your eye health, getting your eyes checked annually, and ensuring that you are leaving your optometric needs to the best eye doctor for you. With this in mind, follow the guidelines set forth below and begin reaching out to eye doctors who can assist you.

2 Questions An Eye Doctor Is Likely To Ask During An Eye Exam

If you currently wear glasses, your eye doctor is likely to suggest an annual eye exam to ensure that your eyes stay in optimal health and that your prescription remains accurate. During the exam, the doctor will likely ask you multiple questions about the activities in which you regularly engage. Here are two of these questions: How often do you use the computer? Each time a person looks at the screen of an electrical device, his or her eyes are subjected to blue light.

What Does It Mean When Your Eyes Keep Sliding Out Of Focus?

It's natural to feel worried when your eyes aren't working quite as intended, but should you be concerned if your eyes frequently slide out of focus? You may experience the problem as blurred or double vision, and it often occurs while trying to focus on a specific person or object. This is a relatively common problem, but it can be disruptive or even hazardous if you lose focus while driving or in similar high-risk environments.