2 Questions An Eye Doctor Is Likely To Ask During An Eye Exam

If you currently wear glasses, your eye doctor is likely to suggest an annual eye exam to ensure that your eyes stay in optimal health and that your prescription remains accurate. During the exam, the doctor will likely ask you multiple questions about the activities in which you regularly engage. Here are two of these questions: How often do you use the computer? Each time a person looks at the screen of an electrical device, his or her eyes are subjected to blue light. [Read More]

What Does It Mean When Your Eyes Keep Sliding Out Of Focus?

It's natural to feel worried when your eyes aren't working quite as intended, but should you be concerned if your eyes frequently slide out of focus? You may experience the problem as blurred or double vision, and it often occurs while trying to focus on a specific person or object. This is a relatively common problem, but it can be disruptive or even hazardous if you lose focus while driving or in similar high-risk environments. [Read More]